THROUGH AND THROUGH AND THROUGH   BY GORDON HALL  Delighted to be performing as part of the upcoming  Gordon Hall  exhibition at the  Portland Institute for Contemporary Art , June 8 - August 10, 2019 (free).  Correlating with Hall's sculptures, movement scores will be performed by the artist and a revolving cast of Portland-based performers throughout the run of the exhibition. Performances will also take place twice per hour during the opening.   Opening Reception : June 8, 2019 / 12:00 - 4:00pm  Walk-through : 12:30 - 1:30pm  Full details :  PICA
    (UN)MADE     COLLABORATING PERFORMER  Directed by choreographer Linda Austin,  (UN)MADE  is a vehicle for the making, unmaking, tracing, transforming, transmitting, and distilling of performance and the performative self. At once experiential inquiry and staged performance,  (UN)MADE  unfolds over the next 2-3 years in stages.     (UN)MADE CH. 3: a world, a world     DECEMBER 13-17, 2017   TIX : $ 10-25 (advance )  | $15 (door) | Arts for All: $5 OR Trail Card members.   E :  (reserve)    NW NEW WORKS FESTIVAL  (On the Boards, Seattle) WEEKEND 2: JUN 16 - JUN 18, 2017  TICKETS :  $16- $34   Costumes:  Sarah Marguier  -----     (UN)MADE CH. 2: the last bell rings for you     ,  2016  NOVEMBER 12-20 + 17-20   DANCER/COLLABORATORS  claire barrera, Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Takahiro Yamamoto   COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS   Yulia Arakelyan, Happy Barnes-Light, Michael Chambers, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes, Wynde Dyer, Dora Gaskill, Maggie Heath, Robin Koch, John Light, John Niekrasz, Chelsea Petrakis, edward sharp, Emily Stone, Chloe Thompson, Curtis Walker, Fawn Williams, Tazha Williams, Ken Yoshikawa  -----    (UN)MADE SOLO RELAY SERIES,  2015  A new multi-layered work by Linda Austin is remembered / mis-remembered by other dancers performing their own perfectly imperfect versions in a pass-along performance relay.   March 13/14 LINDA AUSTIN April 10/11 KEYON GASKIN + JIN CAMOU May 8/9 LINDA K. JOHNSON + MATTHEW SHYKA June 12/13 ROBERT TYREE + NANCY ELLIS July 10/11 JEN HACKWORTH + TAHNI HOLT  August 7/8 DREAM TEAM  (Claire Barrera, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, Taka Yamamoto) + reprise of LINDA AUSTIN solo  Choreographer/director: LINDA AUSTIN || Sound: JOHN BERENDZEN || Visuals: MORGAN RITTER || Lights: JEFF FORBES || Stage manager: JENN LINDELL
  THIS ONE IS , 2017   This one is  utilized contemporary dance and aspects of installation-based performance to build a work (in progress) evoking experiences of the NW, family history, feminism, and perseverance.    ALEMBIC ARTIST RESIDENCY PERFORMANCE   MARCH 24-25, 2017, 8:00 PM  /  $12 - $15    PERFORMANCE WORKS NW , 4625 SE 67 AVE.   This one is the one believing in thinking    This one is one being that one    This one is one being one    This one is   PWNW presented   This one is   as part of the 2016 Alembic Artist Residency Program at Performance Works. The Alembic Resident Artist Program awards residencies to two artists working in original and contemporary time-based performance, dance, and/or media arts.     __________________________________  This one is  sound:  Justine Highsmith  Photos: Chelsea Petrakis
  ED. 1,  Moves When Folded   Opening Letter  Welcome to  FRONT . The pages in your hands are an offering of affection and imagination.  FRONT  is devoted to diving into the depths of our tangled affections for contemporary dance and harnessing the collective imagination of those who share these affections.  FRONT  is dedicated to creating an expansive container for capturing the swell of contemporary discourse surrounding the form. It is a space for the movement of ideas. We thank you for allowing them to find a curve, pursue a line, and swing freely through your consideration.  We have titled our inaugural edition, Edition 1:  Moves When Folded . Collapse , double over, create space, open up, and turn the pages. We have started, in part, by beginning to capture a snap shot of our community; a chorus of voices speaking to their own conceptions of and connections to dance and performance. This is an ongoing project. Our design is to offer a publication that is open to a spectrum of contributors willing to take on the satisfying responsibility of stewarding  FRONT  ever forward.   Writing about dance forces a fundamental issue, the lack of a neat tailoring of defined language. We wrestle with and fully bask in this reality here. We invite you to do the same.  Danielle, Noelle, Robert, and Tahni     ED. 1 FEATURES : RICHARD DECKER (PDX), SEAN GRIFFIN (LA), TAHNI HOLT (PDX), LINDA K. JOHNSON (PDX), EMILY JOHNSON (MINNEAPOLIS), JUSTIN JONES (MINNEAPOLIS), SETH NEHIL (PDX), KAREN NELSON (SEA), LISA RADON (PDX), ALYSSA REED STUEWE (PDX), DANIELLE ROSS (PDX), WOOLY MAMMOTH COMES TO DINNER (PDX), THOMAS LEHMEN, DANIEL LEPKOFF, MGM GRAND + MANY MORE      Release date: 9/7/11   __________________________________
   BLANKET  , 2010  Portland Institute for Contemporary Art   Time-Based Art Festival, Sept. 09-19 , Portland, OR Installation/Performance by Danielle Kelly and Noelle Stiles Sculpture: Danielle Kelly Choreography: Noelle Stiles    BLANKET  contemplates the body as information and objects as instigators. Drawing from the personal and scientific,  BLANKET  explores human engagement and cultural shifts toward synthetic experience. Structured in three parts,  BLANKET  begins as soft-sculpted installation and transforms through interactive performance then remains on view for the duration of an exhibition period.  Score:  URECOGNIZABLE NOW  Video:  CHRIS LAEL LARSON   Clothing: RACHELLE WALDIE     __________________________________ Photo: Marty Schnapf
  FIELD GUIDE   Field Guide is a new, ongoing, public engagement series administered by   PICA ,  created in coordination with DANCE/USA’s “Engaging Dances Audiences” program, designed to help audiences feel more comfortable with and informed about contemporary dance performance. Facilitated by faculty experts utilizing focused exploration of an artist’s work and social connection with equal emphasis on physical engagement, presentation, and open conversation—anyone curious about performance is welcome.      FACILITATED FIELD GUIDES:   1 .  FIELD GUIDE : DANCE,  Every body is the material , 2013  2 .  FIELD GUIDE : TRAJAL HARRELL/ PARIS IS BURNING & THE JUDSON CHURCH , TBA Festival, 2013  3 . FIELD GUIDE SEATTLE:  BLURRING BOUNDARIES, CROSSING LINES,  FRONT  on zoe | juniper , 2014      FIELD GUIDE TO DANCE  TRAJAL HARRELL W/ GUEST FACULTY  FRONT  (pictured above)  "PICA’s new Field Guide program offers up new avenues to explore, experience, and discuss concepts and forms in contemporary dance. Join guest Field Guide faculty  FRONT  (a dance publications published by Robert Tyree, Danielle Ross, Tahni Holt, and Noelle Stiles) for a casual, guided workshop and conversation about Trajal Harrell’s    Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure)/Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (M2M)."   September 14, 2013: 7:00-10:00 PM Workshop: 7:00 PM | Performance: 8:30 PM Post-Show Download: 9:30 PM (food/drink)  __________________________________
 This is the dim sum cart of dance classes with a rotating cast of some of Portland’s most interesting contemporary dancer/choreographers who typically don’t teach. It’s also an invitation to dance in the inner circle of the contemporary PDX dance scene because really, HEAVY ROTATION addresses this core (not corps) group of Players–innovative movement thinkers/performers–giving them a way to dance with, inspire, learn from each other that’s outside of rehearsal or performance.                                                                           – Lisa Radon,  ultra pdx
   falling, falling, falling, falling...   By Kathleen Keogh and Noelle Stiles  DISTILLED , Performance Works NorthWest, JAN. 09, 2010 Music: Melvins     __________________________________ Photo:  Karl Lind